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    Project Magenta Documentation

    Dear fellow cockpit builders,

    I am building a universal cockpit which can be used vor various aircraft types. Currently I am looking for suitable cockpit software. PM appears to be the most versatile, offering several suites and PM Systems. But unfortunately, the documentation coming with the demo is very poor and questions directed to PM have not been answered. Maybe I have to buy the software before being noticed, but I prefer it the other way round. PM has no own forum, and this one is pretty, well, quiet - so it appears that PM might not be the software of choice anymore, at least not for private users.

    Anyway, here is what I have in mind:

    I managed to get the demo running and I think I have a basic understanding of the several configuration files. But I also want to fly GA aircraft, and there it stops. I have read, literally everything can be realized with PM (which I believe), but the question is how.

    So far I have "only" basic hardware (besides the controls) - MCP, EFIS, FMC (all Opencockpits). At some point I will build a jetliner overhead and I am pretty sure that I then can then connect the hardware to the respective PM configurations (B737, B767 etc. - yes, I'm Boeing).

    But first I want to build a GA aircraft (or light jet), and I haven't found any configurations for that. So I'll gonna have to make these myself, and I need to start with "virtual" panels which I can use on the screen before I start making hardware panels.

    How can I for example configure a system panel for GA aircraft with some logic behind it where I later can connect my hardware switches to?

    How can I configure say an electrical panel, an engine start panel, light switches, parking brake and so on with PM systems? Is there something like a graphical editor (I am thinking of something like FS Panel Shop here...)?

    How do I find the graphical elements certainly hidden within the IMG or the IM4 files, how can I define functions, assign offsets to them and build a functional logic? Where can I find something about the parameters which are in the BMI, INI, LGC, TXT files? Yes, much of it is self explaining, but cannot find out everything by try&error.

    Where can I find documentation on this?

    I am willing to buy this software, but I am not buying without knowing anything about it. Who can help?


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    Re: Project Magenta Documentation

    Hi Boris,

    PM software could be the right choice for you if you like to build a Sim and not just a toy. PM software is used not only for homecocpits bit in highly professional Sims too. Most probably there is some difference between the professional and the Homecockpit solution. However I don´t think that PM develops 2 systems independantly and in parallel inventing the wheel twice. The Homecockpit software is very close to the real thing as you may have already noticed when browsing thru this forum.
    All functions in PM software modules like CDU, MCP, Overhead panel (pmsystems), PFD and ND do have their specific offsets in order to control them by external hardware. Regardless if open cockpits, FSBus or other soft/hardware able to address bits and bytes could be used for control.
    The PM documentation holds all that information. Part of this information you may also find in Pete Dowson´s FSUIPC documentation.
    This could also help you for the first steps.
    If you like to start with a GA panel first basically all you would need is a big enough monitor and a masking panel in front of it for mounting knobs and switches. The meters then would "look" thru repective wholes of that panel.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Hope I could shed some light on this to help you take a decision and get you started.