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    Throttle Settings and ILS Approach (LOC)


    i use the latest build of the FCU, have the FS2004 and the Saitekt X52 Pro for Throttle and Joystick.
    Use the ( Project Airbus A320 with a Project Magenta Gauge (wich is 100% working) via VRInsight MCP Combo via Mousecommands

    1. Question: AutoThrust
    Iam not sure how to set the Throttle Settings in the FCU Settings (see image attachment).
    By my first test with PM and the FCU: i activate the A/T and in the PFD displays "MAN TOGA"... 100% thrust. Then i have found the Throttle Settings in the FCU and set it to ... (see image attachment) and activate the second column, the row with "CLB" colors green, now the Managed Speed works while CLB and CRS.

    Then todays Flight to LSZH, after Touchdown the Throttle gives 100% thrust although the A/T was off, i believe it is due to the incorrect Throttle Settings.

    Despite of: Can anyone help me with the right settings in the Throttle Settings, please?!

    2. Question: LOC FCU
    Todays flight to LSZH (Zürich, Switzerland) -> Decent expect ILS RWY 34 via RILAX STAR, LOC at waypoint MILNI 5000ft.
    -> Now i want to activate LOC - BUT - i dosen't work. Click in the Gauge, nothing work, click in the FCU Application, nothing work. I think the problem come because i have activate die Approach Modus in the MCDU accidentally by beginning the decent, or what did you think?

    Despite of: Have anyone a detailed Step by Step documentation for a complete flight with the MCDU/FCU/GC ?

    @ German Users: Ich freue mich, wenn mir ein Flusianer welcher meine Muttersprache spricht, unter die Arme greifen könnte!

    thanks in advance
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