Hi, let me introduce myself, im a real world commercial pilot who loves to also fly on fs2004, however

Im not really 100% happy with the way fs2004 looks, mostly a shimmering problem.

My specs are

AMD Athlon 64 3800+

Windows Vista Business 64-bit SP2

2.00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 257MHz

64MB NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE (Dell)

NVIDIA GeForce settings

Global and program settings are the same for control panel for video card. Also im using the same resolution in fs2004 as my native screen.

Please refer to the links/photos below for the snapshots

Im really happy with the look of fs2004 in terms of the 3D graphics are so forth, even though I have an older video card, compared to my old Intel card its a few steps up. I just need to get rid of the ''SHIMMERING'' Landscape and buildings, once that is sorted, im all good, so I how do I get started with the Nhancer tool? I have already installed it, but in the dropdown list there is no option for fs 2004..Look forward to your replies.