May is the Month of the Knobs, get our very good quality Injection Plastic Knobs for your Simulator, ready to be installed. All the knobs are replica of the real 737NG Knobs and they include all the necesary (screws, serigraphy, sticker) to allow an easy installation.
Get now a 30% discount in all the Knobs.

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Sismo Soluciones is innovating since 2005 with the latest solutions with the highger technological and quality level.

We were the first company introducing metal casings for all the products and also the first in the market using electronic backpanels boards for our devices, in adition to the core of our products, the SimCard Ethernet board, that allows an improved speed and stability in the usage, as ethernet boards have much improved features that USB connections.

Please dont hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt or for further info at our contact emails, or

Natalia Moreno - Sismo Soluciones Sales Dept.