Good Day Captains.....
I have a colleague who having changed job and being forced to move house, has to sell off his 737 project.
He tells me he just has not got the time to devote to it now. Realistically he has decided to part it out and not try to sell it complete.
Full listing , photos and contact details are here
Bits he has are:
Full MIP On Stand with OC MCP and EFIS /Glarewing Kits
Forward & Rear Overhead In Frames
Poldragonet Throttle Quadrant
Fully Populated Pedestal with OC Radios
ACE Yoke
Pair of Glassfibre 737 Control Wheels
Set Of Moulded TQ Knobs
Dummy Oxy Panels
Dummy Foot Air/Windshield Air Panels
Set of Real Boeing Eyeball Vents
Routech Tiller Handle
Real Boeing Map Lights (Converted to 12volt)
Set of Grimes Utility Lights (converted to 12v)
Set of Map/Chart Light Switch Panels
Bill Bulfers FMC Guide
Bill Bulfers 737 Cockpit Companion
Pair of Butt Kickers
Optima Short Throw Projector
Set of Radio Panel Faceplates with Knobs
Couple of Cockpit Microphones
Set of CH Rudder Pedals
A CH Throttle Quadrant
Some other Parts and Bits and Bobs
Photos, More Info and contact details are on my News Page
May be of use to somebody.
Regards From Wales