I am having problems synching my 4 throttles for my 747 flight sim. I am using phidgets I/O 8 8 8 card, with fs2phidgets 4.3.66 and latest version of FSUIPC.No matter what I do, I can’t seem to sync the throttles. Also I cannot get much movement on the elevator up. Any suggestions or guide on configuring the above.

-i am using fs2004
-My 747 throttles are connected to phidgets rotation sensor (300 degrees) which is connected to phidgets card I/O 8 8 8.Then this phidgets card is plugged into my main flight sim PC which has FS2004,FSUIPC4 and fs2phidgets 4.3.66 installed on it. I have used a variable file called fsuipc320.ini to assign the engine levers in phidgets.I have tried to calibrate the sensors but i don't see a way of doing this on the new fs2phidgets. i can see the engine power moving up and down on fs2004 when i use the throttles but they are not in syn.At present the 4 throttle levers are all at different settings physically to output same or similar engine thrust/power. Can anyone please shed some light on this and what i need to do to get the 4 throttles in sync.

Another problem i have is that the elevator control doesn't seem to have much movement up.It moves more down then up therefore it's hardfor my 747 to take off.

Thanks in advance.