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    A Wecome to all. Please read ,,,

    Well here we are,, first of all a big thank you to Matt and the team here at for opening this sub-forum.

    Here I plan to toss around ideas, give help, get help and find out what people actually want out of software that will make their sim more enjoyable to use. All my projects are not aimed at replacing top of the line stuff,, but my software is free and any hardware is cheap,, so its all easy to do, easy to use, and ideal for some-one starting out with a basic sim to see what its like to have an interactive panel in front of them.

    There is something "special" about building your own stuff. Its fun. !

    This sub-forum is not just for my projects as it is open to any-one else's input about the Arduino cards that is Flight sim related ,,, so,,, if you have your own stuff, have an idea, or using an Arduino card and its flight sim related,,, feel free to post away. Make yourself at home.

    I know activity will be slow to start with, but people will catch on and then ?? well, then we will see.

    Have fun,, and welcome,,, Jim NZ

    Update ,,
    We will not tolerate posts "pushing" other breeds of cards.
    We will not tolerate postings pushing payware software (even if it's free "for now")
    Posts that fall into the above category will be deleted.

    In simple terms ,,,
    Microsoft Flight Simulator only.
    Freeware only.(and not a "hook" to payware)
    True Arduino stuff only. (Not any of the so-called "compatibles")
    Any code postings need to be in real "true" Arduino code.

    This sub-forum is for "Arduino Cards and Link2fs" and is in the FREEWARE section of
    We're a friendly bunch and we plan to keep it that way.
    Thanks ,, Jim NZ (Moderator)
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