Good evening everybody,

Here as the title indicates, we are in preparation of L GAUGES ECLIPSE 500 NG (at least in this most raproche) C Gauges will be copied on the model of CLS (see photo).

We are top for more than an ego and a half, the work will be very long.Les first pictures on the forum here 2 / 3 weeks just for trying the first PFD.La navigation will be based in gn530 xnos (I know little old, but for the moment c is the only standalone GPS, if I am correct?)

This is our choice on that plane (which I find amazing) because the only Gauges available are that of KEYS USB 4 has a price .... VERY VERY EXPENSIVE

I promise not to succeed 100 percent, but at least it's closer raproche possible.
There bcp documentation on the net concerning this aircraft notament SMARTCOCKPIT on the site.
yet they will create for windows, I want to say that this version will be completely standalone, well FREE, FREE. hoping that this achievement will go up after the opportunity to make lots of mondes.Juste a final point, this will make the connection via UDP, to conclude, it will find the Eclipse 500 for x plane (it exists on. org) but will just for the visual exterior. All this will not shortcuts through x plane.

good evening

ps: this is a google translation sorry for the mistakes