I have bought a p&p yaw damper from opencockpits + a usbservo card.
I have pluged it in the USB port launched MSX with Ariane 737, launched SIOC and IOCservos and the gauge doesn't move.
So I amended sioc.ini to call CONFIG_FILE=.\yawdumper.ssi and IOCard_disable=No although I have no other cards connected.
USB_Servos=0,14 as when I launch SIOC ver 3,71B1 I get IDX=0-IOCard-USBServos -Device=14. With these ammendements I managed to lit up the red led on the card, but the gauge still does not move. Launched IOCPCONSOLE and it seems the variables 4 of them are in constant update like in a loop.
Cannot figure out how to set it up? Anyhelp is most welcome.
Best regards,
Jose A Costa