I finally had some success using VNAV and A/T using the PMDG 737-700 air and model file (no panel). I was strugling with VNAV and A/T before with the default FSX 737-800, i strongly advise not to use the default with PM for unknown reason. Posky 737-700 seems ok too. This is for the good news.


I switch from a slightly modified 738 PM CDU file type (for default FSX 737-800) to the 737-700 CDU file provided with PM.

Damned. This file is not right. First i had to recalibrate flaps, ok let's say it's ok for that. But the perf tables ARE NOT RIGHT, or the PMDG air file is totally unrealistic, you choose.

- TA thrust shown on CDU and EICAS is something between 87-89%, the full loaded PMDG aircraft just take an hour to takeoff. More, the VR V2 provided by CDU just not match, seems the aircraft need something like 20kt more to takeoff.

- During approahc, CDU provide a VREF of 122 with flaps 30, i generally use VREF+5, so targeted 127. Fact i was already stalling as something like 130 kts.

There is something wrong with the PMDG aircraft OR the 737-700 type file provided by PM.

If anybody use a PMDG 737-700 model with success, can he provide a fine 737-700 type file for PM ?
This would be of great help.

Secondary question : do you recommand PMDG 737 or Posky 737 ? If Posky, can you also provide a corresponding effective CDU type ?

Thank so much for your help.