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    Windows 7 RAM problem

    I just had "Windows Vista, Home Premium, 64 BIT", installed and it showed all 4 GB ram available.

    I just installed a fresh copy of "Windows 7, Ultimate, 64 bit", and my motherboard, an ASROCK G31M-S supports 8 GB ram, but its still showing only 3 - 3.19 GB available when i right-click on the "My Computer" then i click on "Properties".

    I "Enabled" the "Memory Remap" option in the BIOS and nothing has changed.

    CPU-Z recognizes the 4 GB of RAM, and so does Windows in the "System Information", but it only allows 3 bloody GB!!! Can anybody help me in this regard.

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    Re: Windows 7 RAM problem

    Hey this is normally faced by every one from 4 gb ram 1 gb is use as a sheared graphics ram so it not show in the system property.

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