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    Flight Control Replay Released

    Flight Control Replay available in SimMarket
    We are ready to announce new availability in SimMarket site ( for new addon for Flight Simulato X and ESP engine.
    Flight Control Replay is a tool that it permits record and play a flight situation for our simulator.
    It have a lot of features that it helps user to analyze a flight situation.... record unlimited.... stepbystep playing.... etc.
    This version 1.0 will be improved with many feature for free in a near future with a 1.1v .
    This is a simple software based on Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and it is required for
    running FlightControlReplay (not included but downlodable at
    81DA479AB0D7&displaylang=en ).
    Features are:

    - Flight simulator X Connection
    - Record an flight info with unlimited length (Aircraft model , position, heading, bank etcetc).
    - Play / Pause saved Recorded flight in original Flight Situation (if available).
    - Fast forward backward play.
    - Start flight from an entry point of a recorded flight that user can define.
    - User can choose sample rate for record a flight (6 times per second , 1 time per second, every
    Visual Frame, every 4 seconds, and every a user defined Frame Rate).
    - Zoom In and Zoom Out flight simulator point of view from FCR client.
    - User can change camera view from FCR client.
    - Stop playback at any position to continue manually with FCR yellow slider.
    - Show time stamp inside Flight simulator during play.
    - User can define an hardware shortcut for start / stop recording, start / stop playing and forward
    and backward (this is useful if users use full screen FlightSim option)
    - User can choose custom file path where FCR put file with flight recorded (.FCR and all Microsoft
    Flight Simulator files attached)
    When you start FlightControlReplay it will connect with your Microsoft Flight Simulator(if it is
    running) otherwise you can connect FCR by click Connect Button.

    Installation and Run Tips:
    · Flight Control Replay must be used with Administrator privilege (Run as Administrator) in
    Windows Vista and Windows 7.
    · Before installation of FlightControlReplay you must install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

    · Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 or Acceleration Pack installed in the
    same machine of FlightControlReplay.
    · Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista or Windows 7
    · 10 MB available in hard disk
    · .NET Framework 3.5 (not included but downlodable at
    8319-81DA479AB0D7&displaylang=en ).
    · PDF reader installed in your computer.

    And i remember that the next two major upgrade (the first will be released in autumn) will be FREE for all users that have it. For news about that follow blog

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    Re: Flight Control Replay Released

    Flight Control Replay v1.1

    Flight Control Replay v1.1 is out now.
    This new version add a new feature that it permits to see a flight recorded in GOOGLE EARTH or MAPS.
    This v1.1 is available at SimMarket , FREE for all user already have v1.0 .
    In Autumn will be a new version with new features that will change your WAY TO ANALYZE YOUR RECORDED FLIGHT.

    See you


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