Hi there,
I trying to setup my servo driven B737 flap gauge(Simkits) using FS2phidget software 4.3.8, Phidget MSI 2.1.4 with no luck! I have tried Phidget 4 servo controller and Phidgets advanced 8 servo controller , but the end result is the same. I have assigned FlapsGauge.INI with Flaps_indicator_Left and also FSVaribles437.ini with Flaps_Deflection_Left or Right in the drop down window for both L/R servos with little or no moment ! I tried to calibrate either servos, but when I go to the servo configure page the set flap gauge is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? I like to keep my 4.3.8 version due to familiarization of 4.0 version.
Thank you