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    Question Help needed..... new Win 7 64 computer networking and existing network

    Hi guys (and gals). Been a while. "Life in the way of play" and all that.

    I am having a networking problem since an upgrade of the main flight sim machine.

    I have this lovely brand new i7-960 quad core kick butt machine which is running fs2004 (there are reasons it is not fsx) like a jackrabbit. It is running Win 7 64 bit and fs2004 runs just fine on it. Now I am trying to hook up the pit again.

    I have the existing simpit wired up on a 10/100 Mbit LAN using an 8 port switch. It used to work just fine with the old XP main sim machine. The existing network is a combination of a few machines running XP and one still on Win 98 (yeah....98 !). All is hardwired. No network cable issues. Switch is fine.

    The other machines can see the internet via the routing thru the network switch connected directly to the DSL modem. I don't run those machines to the net "through" the main machine. They currently work fine connecting to the net.

    I am suddenly experiencing problems with SOME stand alone gauges on the networked machines that I NEVER had before. So I am suspecting some sort of network issue is at the root of this.

    The whole "homegroup" business in Win 7 as opposed to "workgroup" seems to not be all that "backward compatible" least easily for a non-IT type person. Mucking about in this new version is difficult for me.

    I can't get the Win 7 machine to add the computers to the "map". I can see the other computers when I click on "network" in Win 7.... but they are placed at the bottom of the screen in the Network center under a line that says it could not add them to the map. (Don't know exactly what that message implies?) I see the main Win 7 machine and the DSL modem and the internet icon at the top of the "map" all hooked together nicely.

    I can "reach" the two XP machines shared folders and copy files TO them. The Win 98 machine I can see the machine icon in Win 7, but if I try to access the shared folder there .... it does not accept requests.

    If I try to see the shared folders back on the Win 7 machine from the XP or Win 98 machines..... I cannot see it from them. It says the Win 7 machine does not accept requests.

    I have installed the very latest version of FSUIPC and WideFS (paid versions). I've been using FSUIPC/WideFS for YEARS and have had it working just fine. I am ASSUMING it is working fine now too. WideClient on both the XP machines and the Win 98 machines has the "connected" message in the top info bar.

    But here is the kick.

    With WideClinet showing connected, ONE stand alone gauge is connected to the sim and is displaying data correctly on an XP machine. Running right next to that gauge is another gauge that is connected....... but shows no data at all. If I turn off WideClient with the non displaying gauge still running.... it then shows the normal "INOP" display that is designed to indicate that it is not receiving data.
    Same scenario on the Win 98 machine.

    This situation is happening withe two separate stand alone gauges from the same supplier (a PFD and an EICAS). (I am expecting the ND will possibly do the same....... haven't had tiome to test it yet.)

    I am guessing this is happening because the network is only partially working correctly. Something is not getting sent...... and that "technicality" is what the second non-displaying gauges are depending upon for data.

    Any thoughts / help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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    Re: Help needed..... new Win 7 64 computer networking and existing network

    BEFORE you do the following - unhook the Internet cable from the DSL Router so that you are not exposed to anything from there.

    Test 1
    On the Windows 7 machine change your network type from PUBLIC to PRIVATE. This makes more of the network visible. If it works in this setup - reconnect the Internet and you are all set - if a little more exposed to risk.

    You can change the category of the network via Network and Sharing Center. Click on the network icon in the tray and select 'Open Network and Sharing Center' from the flyout UI.
    Your active network will be displayed. Look for the 'Public network' text next to the network's icon, and click on it (it is a link). That will launch a dialog that will let you pick the category for the network - pick private or home.

    Didn't work?

    Test 2
    Turn off the firewall service (not recommended as it will tell you) on the Win7 machine. See this link for how to do it:

    Now test your setup. Works? You now need to get to the bottom of which ports you need open in your firewall to get everything talking properly - write them into the firewall as exceptions and then re-enable it. (Bit beyond the scope of this thread till we even figure if this is the answer!)

    Hit me back in the forum and let me know if either test worked.
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    Re: Help needed..... new Win 7 64 computer networking and existing network

    Gday John, good to see you're still around. How's the Ellie Avionics going by the way. I left a couple of questions on their web forum but never got a reply. I'm really interested in what they are doing but there doesn't seem to be much progress or support. Anyway thats a topic for another discussion. On to your network issue.

    Remember that only computers running Win7 can join a Homegroup, so your XP/98 machines won't participate (I'd really love to know why you're using win98 but again thats off topic). All my network problems dissappeared by selecting "Work Network". Once done, make sure "File and Print sharing" is turned on and network discovery is also turned on (it should be by default). I also turn off password protected sharing but that's up to you. If you leave this on you'll have to provide user accounts on each machine to gain access. I then provide sharing of the required folders i.e. FS9/X, Flight Simulator Files, etc. This setup acts more like WinXP networking and gives much less headache (it did for me anyway). Also make sure you turn off User Access Control, its a pain in the butt and quite uneccessary. You can lower it but turning it off is best. If you read NicN's advice over at Simforum's he'll tell you why this is a toothless tiger.

    See how you go and good luck,

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