I am trying to figure out what to buy to make my panel glass cockpit.
I need to screens, not to big though. One for PFD and one for MFD.

In another thread there where som talk about Samsung 10" Picture USB frames.
So, my question is.
Are this frame good enough in quality/speed (the USB thing) and if yes, will I be able to connect more than one.

Anybody has some experince with those ?

I think DELL screens are nearly as cheap as the picture frames, but the size I find a little to big. Below 15" should fit the panel

I know there are some Danish builders here so mayby there could be some advice from that angle (and where to by)

Re Peter

Found this http://accessories.euro.dell.com/sna...hs1&sku=327697
after submitting the thread.
Cheap......around 140$ shipped and all included
Could fit both PFD and MFD approx 9" x 8" effective space to each, and I would not need more than one graphics output.