Mid 2007 I bought from Symulatory, their B737NG TQ AT, fully motorized and received a pre-configured file TQ.FB2 for its use with Project Magenta and FS9. This TQ has a FSBUS card inside and needs the FSBUS.exe file(software) to start the device; this configuration was the original one and I didn't change it.

I've always had a problem with the flaps, since when I move the hardware lever from Flaps25 to flaps30, they never stop at Flaps30, passing from Flaps25 directly to Flaps40 (and when I move the lever from 40 to 30 the flaps stay at flaps40).

Can somebody having identical hardware tell me how to proceed in order to correct this?
I've tried to contact Jakub from Symulatory, but had no repply until now, and I'm not sure he will be willing to help since it's an old TQ which has been deeply modified and is now sold, it seems, by FSC.

Your help will be very much appreciated.