Here is my first try at a korry switch which I need for my 767 Glareshield warning/caution switch. This is not my concept, but rather taken from other builders posting on this site. I am also not happy with my legend, but that is another discussion.

Here are my basic starting pieces; Square Aluminum for the housing,Lexan plastic for the Legend background, 2 pieces of plastic, a switch, 2 LED lights(not shown).

Here I have taken the clear korry legend and put a piece of heavy duty clear tape over it to protect the legend from smearing. The plastic is then trimmed off and the lexan backed legend is then glued inside the aluminum housing. It also helps to sand down both side of the lexan before doing any work. This help to aid as a light diffuser as well as gives allows the epoxy to bite into the plastic for good bonding.

I then turn the switch cover over and glued this piece of plastic in the middle of the korry. This will stop the light from bleeding from one side to another.

I used the 2nd piece of plastic to create a holder for my Red & Yellow LEDs.
This piece is then glued to the other end of the aluminum housing. This piece could be trimmed down if needed. I also cut off the tip of the LED as this seems to help widen the light coming out.

Finally the housing is glued to this clicking momentary switch. I found these on e-bay, 50 for $35 dollar. They have a nice feel and move about 5 mm before clicking. Again, I would sand down the surface of the switch for good bonding.

Finally, here is the switch mounted on my B767 Glearshield.
The switch pushes in very square, feels and sounds solid.
I used the opencockpits card & SIOC to power and control the Leds.

More improvements are needed, but they can be easily overcome.

Thanks for reading......