Hi all!

Last weekend we had the greatest airshow ever seen here in Germany at Hahnweide airfield near Stuttgart.

They showed air combat with B-17,Focke Wulf 190,Spitfire,Hurricane,P-40,Me-109 and some more.

Here is a link to a youtube video of the airshow showing the aircombat!

Hope you all enjoy it


And here is the link to the homepage of the "Hahnweide airfield"
where you can find a list of all airplanes envolved.


One sad thing to say: Normaly the Messerschmitt 262 jetfighter from WW2 should have come too but they had engine problems and couldn`t takeoff.

But in 2 years when the next airshow is the Me-262 should come too

There are numerous more vids on youtube just look for "Hahnweide 2009"

This show was a kind tribute to the brave pilots of WW2 of all countrys

I wish these fantastic airplanes will never be lost for their fans!!!

The roaring of the engines letting my heart pumping

Greetings to all of you and especialy to all brave pilots and personal
that keep this part of history allive!