Hey guys. After working for a while on my A320 cockpit, I realized that I could not get it to a very high level because of my budget, time, etc.

So instead I've decided to take up a new project, one where I can get a lot more for a lot less.

I've decided to take a step into the other side of aviation and build an AS 350B3 Ecureuil helicopter simulator.

I've already gotten started on my plans, so I'll describe the general project I've gotten in my head so far.

I plan to build a single-controsl, non-GPS equipped version. This will mean that on the right-hand side there will be no controls and no gps or other gauges on the right-hand side of the forward display.

I plan to put in a single, pilots-side 19 inch monitor to serve as a limited side view. This monitor will be angled itself, and will also display an angled view to both the side and down.

The front will consist of a small-ish projection screen, slightly wider than the simpit itself which will project the forward view.

The primary gauges will be displayed on a 19 inch monitor, hidden behind a wooden panel. The standby gauges will be dummies. As I said before, there will be no right-hand side GPS. The radio and transponder will be covered by two GoFlight panels.

I have no idea what pedals to use at the moment. I have decided to use an ordinary joystick for the cyclic, but with a catch. I'm planning to remove the handle from the base, extend the wires, and place a metal bar, shaped to real world specifications, between the base and the handle. The base, of course, will have a couple of bricks weighing it down, but those will be covered up.

The collective was easy, but I need your help on re-finding the website. A while back, a friend of mine showed me a website that makes realistic collecitve-bars to attatch to a Saitek X52 throttle. I can't re-find the site, but if any of you know it, drop me a line. The X52 throttle will be re-painted and mostly covered up, so that only the end of it and the bar are visible.

I'm still working on plans for the overhead, but in a small helicopter such as the AS 350 B3, the overhead is simple enough.

I have decided to use two Saitek headsets, as they appear to be about as close to the ones I've worked with in helicopters as they get.

The seats behind the two front ones will not be there, obviously. On the topic of seats, I'm open to any suggestions on this one.

Ah, one last note. The cockpit will not be "enclosed", except for an small overhead panel structure holding the panel overhead.

Thanks for reading!