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    EosBase, a new hardware platform !

    For Immediate Release - June 30, 2009

    EOS Simulators presents

    EosBase, a new hardware platform for simulators & cockpits

    Eos has developed a fully integrated platform for the simulator builders as well for flying schools.

    This device is the ideal base to build GA cockpits as well as Jets simulators.

    It includes all the double linked controls based on real aircraft mechanism. The elevator and rudder trims are mechanical and center the controls (yokes and rudder pedals) for a Zero Force resistance when the aircraft is properly trimmed.

    Throttle quadrant, seats and fibreglass shell come as standard with the package.

    It connects to the computer through one USB port.

    It releases the builders for the most unwanted development and allows them to concentrate on the avionics and instrument panel.

    Key features :

    • Dual linked controls identical to the real aircraft mechanism
    • Mechanical trim for ailerons and rudder
    • Differential proportional brakes
    • 3 / 6 levers throttle quadrant
    • Adjustable seats
    • Blank instrument panel fitting any kind of instruments, real / synthetic gauges, switches, avionics...
    • Compatible with Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004 and X-Plane

    Production is now running, standard lead time is 3 - 4 weeks

    For more details and images, please visit our website

    If you need high resolution pictures, please mail at
    Eos is a product built by Tech-Sys,a Belgian company created in 1997, specialized in
    hi-tech measuring devices for the research an spatial industry.
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