Amazed i havn't actually seen a similar post already when searching. The concorde petition has changed. The team are now focusing on getting the concorde at least airworthy for airshows, and events. And most of all up and running for the 2012 olympics to be hosted in London. I'm sure you could imagine this would be a tremendous acheivement if this were to be successful. To hear this could be done with everyones help gives me determination inside. I hope every single other person here feels the same.

"The purpose of this petition is not intended to make us feel guilty if we have to fly with British Airways, but that we acknowledge we will spend a little extra time looking for an alternative when we travel. If an alternative is available, then we choose to fly with that other airline. If British Airways feel that enough passengers will look elsewhere, they can and will allow Concorde to remain a national icon. If you have ever seen an aircraft in flight at close quarters, you'll know that museum examples of the same aircraft really don't compare. Concorde is at her most impressive, her most amazing, her most inspiring, her most awesome, when she is in the air.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to sign the petition. Please do pass on this request to any family, friends, colleagues or associates you can think of, and with a little consumer opinion and the will to see Concorde fly, we can all be proud of our British success!"

Just passing the link on for you people to sign if you wouldn't mind. I'm not associated with the site.

Thank You very much.

P.S If you have already signed this there is no need for a duplicate and also if you signed the previous petition for general saving of concorde these signitures have been transferred over.