Ok, So we are moving again. I was pretty sure it was going to happen so I kept dragging my feet on putting my sim together along with some other projects I have going.

It kept getting delayed and postphoned over and over so finally I decided to go ahead and finish my new MIP. I had it together about a week when we got the call to start packing. They should have our new place ready in about 2 weeks.

Ok, its been 2 weeks and not a peep. We have boxes all over the place and I'm ready to pull the sim apart AGAIN, and move it.

So the question becomes;
Are we really moving or is this some sort of sick joke the devil is playing on us? Hmmm.... Gotta wonder sometimes.

Please respond in the blog and not this thread since I got an email that says Bill Gates is counting my blogs and will give me $10,000 for each valid response and a virus if I don't get any. This thread will self-destruct just when I least expect it.

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