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    MyCockpit, Introduces Flight Illusion

    MyCockpit Announces "Flight Illusion"

    MyCockpit is proud to announce our newest Sponsor, Flight Illusion

    Flight Illusion offers a wide variety of analogue gauges which can be used indifferent panel setups. The range includes gauges for MIP panels, standby gauges,overhead gauges, different sort of radio modules, engine gauges and an input/outputmodule. With more than 60 different gauge types available as well as the possibilityto customize generic gauges, Flight Illusion is one of the leading players in thecockpit builders market.
    All members of the Flight Illusion team are just regular Flight Sim enthusiasts.Having a thorough experience in building simulators, we have decided to start theproduction of the components we developed and offer these to sim builders. Ourinstruments are very close to the ones used in the real cockpit. The system wedeveloped consists of a number of finished gauges and interfacing modules that canbe easily extended. Having more than 8 years of experience in building simulatorhardware and software, we can guarantee highly qualified products and very stablesoftware.

    Although our prices are very reasonable, we do not do concessions as to the qualityof the components we are using.

    MyCockpit would like to thank Flight Illusion for becoming a part of our Community, and would like to remind everyone to visit their Q&A Forum located right here on
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    nice to see you here mark :o))

    nice to see Flight Illusion here......
    i have some F/I kit and i just cannot fault it. it has never missed a beat in almost two years.
    and besides that, Mark Verschaeren is really quite a nice guy.
    go see him at lelystad and tell him Ian sent you ))
    good luck, thanks mark for sponsoring and wishing you every success for the future.
    i'll come and say hello at lelystad
    kind regards..... ian

    p.s. are you making a gabled transponder yet )
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