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    Airbus Font Setting Problem

    Any of you gents using Ultimate Traffic 2007? If so I cant open it I keep getting a pop up that says " Ultimate traffic requires your system font setting to be normal 96 DPI setting your font settings are set to another setting. To run Ultimate Traffic you will need toi madjust your settings to 96 dpi or to "small" on some systems. I tried right click properties al i get is Norm Large and XL Im usin XP, any idea how to set 96 dpi I even chked control panel no dice. Without this info I cant open this new program Thanks in advance guys.
    regards Tim

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    If I am not mistaken Tim, go to your Display settings, advanced,

    On the General Tab, you will see a number under DPI Settings...

    Prob says, 96, 120 and custom in a pull down menu.

    Have fun.

    Trevor Hale

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    Thanx a bunch Trev Ill check that out.

    Regards Tim

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