Okay, I know you're out there. Those of you who love to tweak, mod, and overclock your PCs until you can use it to heat your house in the winter by playing a round of World in Conflict. Well, if you live near the San Francisco Bay Area, NVIDIA is hosting a LAN party where you can show off your skillz and your rig.
Here are the deets:
  • NVIDIA® and Electronic Arts invite gamers to celebrate PC gaming at GeForce LAN 4, featuring Crysis and Team Fortress 2, November 16th – 18th in Alameda, California. More than 800 gamers and visitors are expected to attend the action-packed weekend event.
  • Registration is now open for 450 Bring-Your-Own-Computer (BYOC) LAN gamers to sign up. Gamers will be able to play Crysis and Team Fortress 2 in multiplayer tournaments on the PC, as well as have chances to win great prizes.
  • GeForce LAN 4 will feature the year’s most highly anticipated games running on the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA. Leading game developers will show off their latest games, and entertainment will also be provided.
  • The event will be held at the Area 51 Event Center, 2301 Monarch Street, Bldg 24, in Alameda, Calif. For venue info go to: http://www.area51-eventcenter.com/
  • REGISTRATION: Seats are limited! Register today at: http://geforcelan4.nvidia.com/. You must be 18 years or older to register or attend the event.
  • GeForce LAN 4 will benefit Get Well Gamers (which provides hospitalized children with video games) and the Alameda County Food Bank. If you would like to make a donation, please bring non-perishable foods and games from 1989 and later to the event. For more info, go to Alameda County Community Food Bank (http://www.accfb.org/ ) and Get Well Gamers (http://www.get-well-gamers.org ).
Get your rig and get down there!