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    New Product from Aerosoft

    Aerosoft RadioStack X is an app for the iPad which replicates the complete standard radio stack of Microsoft Flight Simulator X aircraft. When it is connected to the PC (via your local Wi-Fi network) which is running FSX you are able to set the frequencies of all radios in your cockpit with a simple flick of your finger.
    It increases the realism of your flights as you can keep your Virtual Cockpit focused on the windscreen and will not have to pan towards the radio stack. For more information visit product page.
    by Published on 07-13-2011 07:33 AM
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    Airbus simulator sidestick “Professional”

    Simquip, is please to announce the release of its newly developed Airbus simulator sidestick “Professional”. The Sidestick was developed in response to requests from mid to upper level simulator constructors who needed an installation that was cost effective and reliable.

    This what Simquip had to say "..Typically an OEM sidestick costs in the vicinity of $92,000. Simquip was sure that it could produce and retail a good solution for a fraction of the normal asking price. We wanted to produce something that would closely replicate the ergonomics and feel of the real item, but would use USB connectivity and look like a simple joystick to most operating systems. Since there were no readily available spring systems or dampers that would give us the feel of the actual sidestick, we had to design and manufacture a spring loaded damper system from scratch to meet our needs. We began design work on the sidestick in Early 2011 with a set of criteria given to us by a Canadian simulator manufacturer.
    Certainly, the “Professional” wont be for your everyday constructor, but it does provide an option to upscale your simulator’s fidelity and flying experience...."

    More details can be found here. ...
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