• Matt Olieman

    by Published on 01-15-2012 11:09 AM

    NEWS RELEASE - GLB Flight Products

    Reported by Geremy Britton, GLB Flight Products

    GLB Flight Products is proud to be the first vendor to announce a new charitable scheme to support MyCockpit.org. Until the end of February we are giving 5% of each purchase YOU make with GLB Flight Products back to MyCockpit.org!

    All You need to do is write: ''MYCOCKPIT.ORG CUSTOMER'' in the customer comments section when you pay for your items. This will ensure 5% is donated back here.
    Published on 01-11-2012 03:49 PM

    NEWS RELEASE from Flight 1 Software and IFly, FSUIPC Tool

    Reported by Steve Masson
    Flight1/iFly Project Manager

    A new tool for the Flight1/iFly 737NG series has be launched to allow
    cockpit builder large or small to interface their hardware with all the
    functions available in the iFly 737NG range. This has been created by iFly Pro
    team member Jouni Törmänen and while initially designed for the Pro cockpit
    builder version it works on the current FS9 and FSX versions just as well.
    The tool is a public beta at the moment to allow any final bug to be founds
    and to get feedback from the community before the final release.
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