• Matt Olieman

    Published on 04-15-2011 01:35 PM

    Flightdeck Solutions, Ltd Launches FDS-A320-FBPT-ADV

    Wanted to share a few pictures from the new A320-FBPT-ADV that was recently completed and Steve Cos installed in Chile last week.
    This is the second device for our customer. The first was approved to LEVEL 3 using AST software and as such is able to be used for certificated training. We understand this is FNPT2/MCC level in terms of the device.
    The A320-FBPT-ADV in the images attached is being used with ECA-FAROS software. We are expecting
    This unit to see certification by the end of Spring. It will be “Type Specific” and the first FDS unit that will qualify for “Type Ratings”.
    Published on 02-27-2011 02:36 AM

    GameWarping.com News Release
    By Ivar Hestnes

    I am very proud to present the latest software for imagewarping, and at the same time give you a tutorial for FSX visual systems based on experience with my own setup. The Warpalizer is an application most common found in professional applications, but now available for the home users for simulation, games and other applications.

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