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    Published on 01-31-2012 08:46 AM

    NEWS RELEASE - Eric Marciano Releases FSUIPC Exporter Module, final version

    Eric Marciano, software developer of the Wilco Airbus Series Volume 1 & 2, is happy to announce the release of the FSUIPC Exporter, final version. This module works for FS2004 and FSX and provides FSUIPC offsets for all the Airbus internal variables. It lets you interface any external application or any hardware with the Airbus aircrafts using FSUIPC offsets. For more information, see the “Cockpit” section of Eric’s web site here: http://emarciano.free.fr/Cockpit. The FSUIPC Exporter documentation is available online and lists all the available offsets. The FSUIPC Exporter module can be downloaded and tested for a limited time before buying, so give it a try.