• New Release from Sismo Soluciones

    New Products from Sismo Soluciones

    Sismo Soluciones has announced the NEW "FIRE WARNING PANEL - GOLD LINE" with aluminium casing, made with the components which are resistant and FULLY operative. Probably the most professional product and it is really very similar to the real one. It's compatible to be used with Sismo's Pedestal Stand and other stands made in scale 1:1.

    For more information see below and also visit Product page.

    see images below

    737NG Fire Warning Panel GOLD Line, it has the following key characteristics:

    * High quality panel
    * Aluminum Stand, fully painted, Casing & panel base
    * Operational METAL levers
    * High quality components
    * Blocking switches
    * Metal caps for blocking switches
    * Backlight - Optional
    * GIC V3 for wiring
    * Fully assembled and wired
    * Ready to be connected with SimCard SC-MB Ethernet (also available Datasheet to connect the module to other input/output card)