The new version of the OPENCOCKPIT’s simulation software, SIOC, is already available for download.

    This new version besides of touching up some bugs, optimizes the performance of the IOCards, provides new functions and adds more devices to be controlled.

    The new version implements an special communications protocol via UDP, that allows the remote control of all electronic cards connected to any SIOC in the same network.

    It also incorporates a Monitor program that allows to monitorize and send commands to any card or SIOC connected to computers in the same network. This application is of big help to verify the status and be able to check any element in a cockpit being working with one or more SIOC servers.

    - A frequency divider is included, to delay the values of the analogic axes.
    - A bug in the USBOutputs analogic card is fixed.
    - Window from SIOC to show the DEVICES assignation in the active scrip.
    - Allows the control of the A320 RMP
    - New ARCT (tangent arc) function in the language.
    - Minor changes in Config_Sioc.
    - The IOCards controller is rebuilt.
    - Support to parallel port is suppressed.
    - The control of all devices connected to SIOC from UDP protocol is implemented.
    - An specific communications protocol is implemented and a MONITOR program to remotely manage SIOC.

    The software is free for NON commercial use.

    The new software is compatible with all Windows Operating Systems, 7, NT, XP, Vista, both 32 and 64 bits.

    To learn more about this new product go to www.opencockpits.com