• New Products from Sismo-Soluciones

    Sismo-Soluciones announces New Products

    Sismo-Soluciones announces the release of two new products in its product range viz., New Fire Warning Panel and Pedestal. These products are available in 4 Lines according to the simmer needs, from the most economic Blue Line to the Plug & Fly products in the Gold or Platinum Line

    The New Fire Warning Panel Silver Line, ready to be connected with your inputs/outputs card (compatible with SimCards Ethernet, iocards, etc.).

    The key characteristics are:
    •Aluminium Base panel to give a good quality termination and support
    •High quality panel
    •All the annunciators are operative
    •High quality switches with blocking lever
    •Dummy fire levers
    •Ready to be connected with SimCard SC-MB Ethernet, iocard, etc.
    •Compatible with FSX/FS9 by default
    •Compatible with ProSim737, Flight Deck Software and Project Magenta**

    The New Pedestal Silver Line is already available!!. The key characteristics are:

    •Metal Stand, fully painted in two colors
    •High quality panels, using real color of the plane.
    •The following panels are fully operative: 2 VHF Type 1, 2 NAV, 2 ADF, 1 ATC and Fire Warning Panel with dummy fire levers
    •Set of panels to complete the pedestal
    •Fire warning panel with aluminum base support and high quality components
    •Metal painted DZUS
    •Compatible with FSX/FS9
    •Compatible with ProSim737 and Project Magenta**
    •Ready to be connected to the computer via Ethernet cable
    •Powered by SimCards SC-MB Ethernet *
    •You can order other configurations, for further questions send a email to info@sismo-soluciones.com

    *Ethernet connectivity allows a transfer data 10 times faster than by bus USB (Do not lose an encoder pulse anymore, even when moving the encoder as fast as you can!!). It also allows control via Wireless by any computer connected to the network.

    **X-Plane through XPUIPC.

    Very soon will be available the Platinum and Gold Line with Operative Fire Levers!!

    For further info to info@sismo-soluciones.com