• Worldflight kickoff for 2010!

    Attachment 4426On31st of October, at 22.30hrs (zulu time) World Flight 2010 takes off from Sydney International Airport (Australia) on a 7 day round-the-world trip in aid of various charities across the globe.

    The concept of a virtual, round the world flight for charity was started by a team in the United Kingdom and has spawned an annual event with participants from all over the globe. Each ‘World Flight Group’ team selects their own needy charity, raising funds through donations and corporate sponsorship.

    In its 10[/SIZE]th anniversary year World Flight will be flown non-stop by 9 flight deck simulators based around the world ranging from home built static cockpits to full motion platform systems. The VATSIM (www.vatsim.net) network hosts the entire trip which starts and ends at Sydney visiting 45 airports en route. 27 of these destinations were scheduled in the first ever World Flight event!

    All are welcome!

    The participating simulators will be online throughout the event (24/7!) which will be controlled by VATSIM’s fully trained air traffic controllers. Any pilot with a VATSIM account or indeed who wishes to open an account are encouraged to log on and join in! Once again the World Flight Group acknowledges the support and encouragement of the VATSIM Board of Governors and the VATSIM community as a whole for joining in each year to make the event so successful.

    Want to fly under full ATC all day? Ever been held in a holding pattern on the VATSIM server? Want to be part of a 50+ aircraft departure from a single runway? World Flight will deliver these experiences on every leg.

    2010 charities include The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service, Warwickshire & Northampton Air Ambulance, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital.

    For more information or to make a donation… visit www.worldflightgroup.com and choose a simulator closest to you!

    "Help us to help others… donate and we will see you in the skies"
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