• News Release - ACE Team Announces 747-400 Professional Series Yoke

    ACE Press Release The New 747-400 Professional Series Yoke.

    The ACE Team is proud to announce release of 747-400 Professional series Yoke. Our commitment to quality and realism clearly shows in our latest offering as we push forward. No plastic parts. All components are precision machined and tooled to give you most professional feel and durability.

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    Key Highlights includes all the standard features Plus:

    • NEW! Machine Injection molded Mason type Trim switch featuring heavy tactile feel like the real counterpart. Tested against the real Mason trim switch to get the most realistic feel of the button movement.

    • NEW! Column Height Adjusted to Real Boeing 747-400. ( Yoke height above floor).
    • NEW! Column color matched to Boeing 747-400 Palette and now powder coated.
    • NEW! 747-400 Clipboard with Type specific checklist.
    • NEW! Upgraded potentiometers to an even higher quality with over 5 million duty cycles.
    • NEW! Upgraded USB module to a 12 Bit resolution (4096 steps).

    747 PRO Yokes are a limited run item. To make sure you receive one. Please email ACE.

    For more information contact ACE at info@737yoke.com