View Full Version : 6600GT 128 UP to a 7600GT 256 ???

07-12-2007, 11:57 AM
Hi guys

I have $50 in Amazon money and while looking for a cheap solution to replace the old Geforce 2 card with, I found a XFX 7600GT 256 AGP card for $106.00 after rebate, meaning Ive paid $56.00 for it.

My FS server machine:

AMD 2800xp (1.8Ghz) but clocks like a 2.8
1 Gig RAM
6600GT 128 video

This system runs FS9 pretty darn good except in really busy areas like FlyTampa airprts, but still not bad in decent weather. ALSO, it runs FSX really well in remote locations away from lots of heave traffic.

Do you think that since I am focusing in my building the sim rather than the PC, that this would be a good last-time AGP investment since I now will probably wait till after MS ports FSX over to DX10?

I read some reviews stating that, while not stellar, the upgrade from others with the same two cards had good results. However, when you compare the two's specs, there's not much difference other than add. 128MB of RAM.

So, worth $106.00???


And BTW, this will allow me to move the 6600GT over to the machine that was just given to me for the PMRJ FO Side that is having video issues now!

Comments Please.

Bob Reed
07-12-2007, 12:15 PM
Spend the extra $50.00 and get the 7900 if you are going to put this in your FS machine. It scores better then every other card out there right in FSX. That is from Toms Hardware not me... It even does better then the DX10 cards..For now, this will change but it is a lot of bang for the buck. I am replacing a pair of 6800GTs with this card. Yes I am taking the SLI rig apart does nothing for FS and it is all I use the machine for any more. Just my 2 cents.. You would get the best card out there for FSX (for the minute) for a little less then $100.00! Nice!!

07-12-2007, 01:31 PM
Thanks, I will see if I can get it off of Amazon. I have a $50 gift cert for there and Im trying to spend minimal, and had not even entertained the idea of replacing me card at all- a whole new machine is really in order, but for the total of $106.00 shipped, I think the 7600GT is a good buy-IF it helps me in FS9. Im sure it will, but I just want to spend wisely. I will see if Amazon has the 7900...


Well, I can certainly see how the 7900 is awesome. 20 pixel pipelines and twice the GB per second on transfer, but $56 vs. $144 to upgrade for a system that is already outdated in processor and RAM. I almost think twice about upgrading the machine at all, but my initial thought was "If Im buying an AGP card for an older non-FS machine for PMRJ, then why not see what's out there in a decent price that's better than the 6600GT, and just move that card over to the RJ FO machine and upgrade the graphics on the current FS machine for a few months till we get new DX10 cards and cheaper prices". So, although it's mighty temping, $200 total for a card that will only be needed for 6-12 months doesnt pay off, but $106 does, especially when it's really only $56! So, I just have to shut up and make up my mind! I think from the reviews I read, I will see a difference in the 7600GT, with twice the RAM and a bit faster card. I will let you know how I make out! :-)

***2nd Edit***

I bit the bullet, ordered the card, and it will arrive Monday! Just got to remember to cancel that free trial of Amazon Prime now! $56.00 upgrade. I will report back how much it helped. Thanks for the input!

07-16-2007, 02:46 PM
Okay, so the new card for my FS Server arrived Friday 3 days ago and it was installed late that night and now I can report on my results :-)

Just to recap, my system was:

AMD 2800xp / 1 Gig RAM / Nvidia 6600GT w/ 128 MB RAM

and I upgraded the 6600 to a 7600GT w/ 256 MB RAM

The results...

Really good. I have thrown lots at the card in FS by turning up the Mip Map and Transf. & Ligt, AA and AF and the file size to the full right almost with no performance loss, meaning I couldnt have these settings before without a perf. loss. I can fly around Flight Scenery's Portland with very little problems now, as opposed to used to I had the settings down lower and with more pausing. I have the frame rates locked at 25 FPS and stay there most of the time in most situations, except for at places like KPDX, and even there it's around 19 or so, which is smooth. Keep in mind the slower process and older RAM speed. Im delighted. Not only did I extend my AGP-bound board by several months to a year, but I put the 6600GT in my Co Pilot PMRJ machine and it runs like a champ now! No more issues there, so now I have a fully operating FS/PMRJ CAP and PMRJ FO. Bottem line, I have better performance and smoother operation although the frame rate didnt increase.

Needless to say, Im happy with the $56 hard cash upgrade! Any BTW, yes, if I had had the extra $100, the 7950 would have been nice, but I believe at this point I am CPU bound, and will just build a new system before I incorporate a 3 projector vis system using Matrox TH2G.