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Mario Görs
06-21-2007, 04:21 AM
Hello all ! :D

I am new here since a couple off minutes....:lol:

And will begin asap....

since FSX i got a problem with the Boeing MCP
( Airbus not tested jet ) that i can`t solve.
After a desent to alt hold i mostly switch from vnav speed to normal speed.
As far i did that ( lets say 200 knots )
the speed climbs up to 300 or more sims to never stop ?!
The only way i can stop it,is to shot off AT and control the Speed with my Joystick.
Never had this prob with FS9
Anybody experiencing something similar ??
Did i miss something maybe an entry in FSUIPC , using the newest 4.12 all other Software stoff all newest , too.
These has affected the original 738 Boeing from FSX
and has to come with a 747 model from Overland ( works in FSX aswell. ) Only tested with this two so far.

A stupid thing i don`t understand is , if i start FSX
load a FSX 738 Boeing setted on an Airport ,
than open Map and jump plane up to 3500 feet
and some miles back from the Runway and start all the PM Software i can fly the ILS pretty fine and speed is
holding like i set it in MCP ??!!

COMPUTER`S ............... ????????????? or other related :(

Any help would be nice couse i am on the end
off my knowledgebase....:?:

Mario Görs ;)

Bob Reed
06-21-2007, 10:12 AM
Hello Mario and welcome to the mayhem! Sorry I really can not answer your questions but I am not using FSX yet so we are running different versions of FSUIPC and I dare not try to help. I am sure someone running FSX will jump in here and help out.

Mario Görs
06-21-2007, 01:29 PM
Hello Bob :D

Thanks for your input :)

I ´m E-Mailed to support from PM and got answers from there.
Not pretty successful for me , because it looks like
there something goeing on with the new FSX gauges.
PM Support wrote it`s like you trying to use PMDG , LVD Panels
in FS 9 and try to use those Add On panels with PM Software. :mad:

I think all of us long FS Punchers know those Probs :sad:

Will look in the panels.cfg and gauges maybe i can find some
acceptable salutions for that......:idea:

But if there is anybody out there who found / did something
it would be nice to let me know.......

I´l lucky for every workaround or sometthing that can
help here...........:-P

Mario Görs

12-12-2007, 06:38 AM
PM NOTAM, hope this helps :)

29/09/07 BOEING
At this time, to use the MCP software with FSX you will have to disable the AP gauge in the FSX panel.cfg of the aircraft type you are using for flight with the PM / MCP software. Generally if not using a panel at all in MSFS, then the only section you need in the panel.cfg is the section referring to [VIEWS] everything else can be deleted. Please *always* keep a back-up of your original files in case you have to revert back.

Make sure you have this line in your FSUIPC4.ini (only FSX)

[General] section