View Full Version : FS2Phidget 4.2.3

01-20-2007, 02:04 AM

New Features, Fixes and Upgrades
Interfacekit sensors have a configurable null range.
Emulated Phidgets have same configuration options as Phidgets.
LED-64 and Interfacekit digital output have same configurable functionality.
Push-to-Test and Push-to-Reset do not require FS Variable assignment to enable functionality.
Configuration and Emulated Phidget forms are sizeable.
Push-to-Test, Push-to-Reset, Latch, Pulse and Flash setting displayed for every component.
Manual is Help option (F1).
Context-sensitive help.
Single sensor can drive two FS Variables that have a range of values (reversers, throttles, brakes, etc.).
Servos can be calibrated to drive a flap gauge pointer.
TextLCD and TextLED can be slaved to an Encoder for improved performance.