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01-23-2018, 07:20 PM

First excuse me for my english, but i m german and my english isnt very good.

I use XPlane 10 (Windows10). Now i bought a software GA PANEL from Peixsoft for my Android - Tablet.
I read the Document and install this software on my tablet. With the right UDP-Ports.
Now my problem is, that my tablet is not able to send data to the computer (X-Plane). I can only control the X-plane on the computer, not on this tablet.
If I made changes on the computer, they show on the tablet. The other way, tablet switch the computer, is unoperable.

I hope, i had to state my problem and one of you can help me.

Thx Booboo

PS: Sorry, i cant attach a picture. They are all too little to see what UDP-Ports are set up.