View Full Version : XPUIPC and Xsaitekpanels conflict in X Plane 11

02-03-2017, 06:00 PM
Having issues with apparent conflict between Xsaitekpanels and XPUIPC using any XP11 default planes (details below). Spent hours troubleshooting and exchanging messages with Bill, Xsaitekpanels creator, and it appears that XPUIPC is somehow affecting operation of flap handle on Saitek Multi Panel by issuing flaps commands (wrong range, number of detents?). Does anyone have the same issue/solution?

1. With Xsaitekpanels plugin installed and no XPUIPC, flap handle and all other panels operation is normal as are activation of flaps by clicking on the virtual cockpit handle (output data shows position 0, .333, .666 and 1.0)
2. With XUIPC installed and no Xsaitekpanels again flaps operate normally by clicking on VC Handle. Saitek panel is obviously not operational
3. With both installed, operation is normal by clicking on the VC Handle, but Saitek panel handle causes:
a. First time DOWN: Screen handle shows full down (ex: 40 dg for C172); position indicator gradually moves to full down and stops. Sound is normal
b. Second time DOWN: screen handle disappears, position indicator gradually moves down and drifts off screen. No sound Output data for flap position shows increase to 4.xx and eventually to 5.
c activating the handle again causes the data to go back to 1.0 with the position indicator gradually moving back up the screen and stopping at full down position. Handle symbol re