View Full Version : MCDU Not Connected

01-06-2017, 11:10 AM
Hi everybody,

MCDU software was not connected under Jeehell Ware Server but the rest of the softwares (AP/FBW, FCU, FO EFIS) were connected. All these under same server pc. FO MCDU under client pc and was connected (green) good. I tried reinstalled 3 times, but still unsuccesfull. IP address on the installation was set for the IPv4 address from the Ethernet connection. Anti virus already off. Windows Firewall also off. Windows 10 in use.

The MCDU came on but stay frozen. If I clicked on it, message 'MCDU.exe is not responding. If you close the program you might loose information. Close the program / Wait the program to respond'.

Can anyone please help me on how to connect the MCDU (Capt).;);)

Thanks for any help and consideration.