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11-20-2016, 08:23 AM
Until now I was flying with Ifly 737 and with my own scripts, no problems.
I am know writing a script for the PMDG737 to be exact for the EFIS and MCP.

On offset $6524 there is the value for IAS in FLT32 format.
Until now I am not able to use FLT32 in SC Pascal 5.2 build 776.

Is this correct and if Yes is there a work around ?

Kind regards

11-23-2016, 07:52 AM
Hello Jedeen,

With regard to compatibility, PMDG737 should be no problem with Sismo's MCPs so you can certainly write your own, allthough at this time, we do not have the scripts, so I'm unable to answer your question.


11-23-2016, 12:26 PM
Hello Thomas,
first of all....I don't need a script for a PMDG MCP or what ever.
I mentioned PMDG but the problem can also exist with other planes.
I have attached a screenshot from Interrogate. There you can see that I am showing offset $6524
This offset shows a value of 209 in the column "32 Bit Floating Point [FLT32]
With the instruction myVar: = ReadFSUIPC($6524,4); or with myVar: = ReadFSUIPC($6524, 8; I can read the decimal values
in the columns S64, U32, S32. I declared myVar as Int64. I Tried several declarations but with no luck.
I even can convert those values to hex43510000 ($43510000).
But from there on Pascal loses me.
I declared myVar as Int64. I tried several other declarations but with no luck.

So my question is and was........how can I read the value 209 residing in the column FLT32 ?????????

Kind regards,

11-24-2016, 06:38 AM
Dear Jedeen,

SC-Pascal is a language based on standard Pascal, where the variable type FLT32is not supported. Currently we are working in a new development platform, toreplace SC Pascal, to be used with other modern languages like C, C++ or C#.This platform will not be available before July 2017, therefore I haveunfortunately to say that we have not solution for this particular issue withsc-pascal.


11-24-2016, 07:33 AM
Hello Nico,
thanks for the quick reply.
It's indeed regrettable that sc-pascal can't handle FLT32.
Now I have to write a little LUA script that monitors that offset.

As what that new IDE concerns......in 2013 Juan Ma already promised it.....I hope it will be there soon now.

Kind regards

Juan Carlos
11-25-2016, 05:26 AM
Hi Jedeen,

As my colleague has already explained, SC-Pascal is a FREE platform based on Pascal, where this type of variables are not supported. We provide total free sc-pascal scripts to our clients, however if you want to program your own scripts have to be based on the functionality of a total free compiler (sc-pascal). Please be aware that you have also the possibility to use other platforms (C, C++, C#) using the native UDP protocol of the SimCards Ethernet.

We are working in other alternatives, that will be free for clients, but the company has to allocate budget and resources. We have not promised nothing to you, just it is a plan that depends on a lot of factors like the market, resources, budget, etc. we have a plan to work on that, but please don't misunderstand the message, we have not any obligation or compromise with you and the most important you have free scripts, a compiler to do it and the protocol to be used in other platform.

Juan Carlos

11-25-2016, 12:01 PM
Hello Juan,
sorry......it was not my intention to offend you or your company.
I still like the SISMO Ethernet cards, they are rock steady, fast, reliable and forgiving to amateur programmers like me.
If I had to make again the choice to what interface I have to use, I again would choose for SISMO.

I solved my problem with 5 lines off LUA....so no problem any more for converting or using FLOATS.

The reason I keep on using SC-PASCAL is simple........I have a lot off code already for my IFLY planes......so it's
merely a case off copy and paste and altering some offsets, and the bulk off coding for PMDG is done.

Kind regards