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12-03-2015, 05:13 PM
Dear fellow simmers,

I need your help!

Could someone please name me the "CORRECT" offset for the N1 pushbutton input. Have checked with the PM offset list back and forth but itīs a little confusing concerning that offset. Is it "THR" or "TOGA" or what else??? Maybe Iīm blind but I couldnīt spot any clearly marked input for N1. Thatīs why I ask anyone who has a B737 simulator up and running with the N1 button working.
Unfortunately the offsets canīt be made visible on the PM MCP like on PMSystems. That would make things much easier for cockpit builders.
Maybe thereīs even a tool available to show the offset when pressing a virtual button on the MCP. Donīt know though.

Any hint highly appreciated

Thanks and best rgds


12-04-2015, 07:58 AM
Hi Peter,
Never had a chance to use PM myself (so I might be right or wrong and risking to make myself a laughing stock), but
to engage N1 max RPM mode button, you don’t need a custom PM offset.
There is one within FSUIPC - offset number 07F4 , called AP N1 RPM Hold.
It is read/write – if you send 1 at that address, it should engage button and 0 for disengaging it. And you can read it’s current value back for lighting up a led.
For listenig button presses offsets some people use Linda.

12-04-2015, 09:11 AM
Hi Zlatko,

thanks for your quick reply.
Since Iīm using the PM complete Boeing suit (MCP plus Glass Cockpit etc.) Iīm not sure whether PMīs MCP logics will work correctly using that offset. Using project magenta logics (pmsystems, GC, MCP and CDU)however requires to disconnect completely all FSX logics in order to prevent fighting different logics against each other.
Will give it a try anyway just for curiosity.

Hope someone using PM could shed some light on my question too.

Thanks again and best regards