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06-12-2015, 05:15 PM
I have some problem i can't solve whit my Phidget LED 64 advanced, maybe you can help me.

in fs2phidget window:
Version: 4.3.124
Phidget driver is green, using the libary from jan 9 2015
FSUIPC is green: Version 4.939, fs version :FSX (I have FSX-SE)
Serial port is open RED, don't know if i need the serial for the LED 64 Advanced?
Refresh output is Green.

Devices table shows 1 line, with my led card and is selected.

The button ' Test LEDs ' lit all the leds attached, there is light !!

For testing i selected for the first 6 channels a few options (landing lights, beacon ect) from the FSVariables4315.ini file.
In the table Digital Output the column FSValue change every time when the switch is toggled, FSX is connected true TSUIPC-> WideClient!!

But now my problem:
When the leds 0-5 are enabled and FSValue is 1, The led don't lit and PhiValue = 0.

in FSVariable:
" Raw FS Value" change when the switch if toggled, and also at the bottom " Formatted Value" change (0 or 1).

When i "disable All Components" All digital outputs are red (= disabled) but then all PHi Values are correct??

What do i oversee or miss????

06-14-2015, 05:37 AM
i found the problem, but canīt find the solution.

The brightness off all the leds are 0, how can i set the default brigdeness to full for all leds?