View Full Version : XPWideclient Keeps Disconnecting

10-29-2014, 05:27 AM
Hi All,

has anyone seen this problem whereby xpwideclient keeps disconnecting? I'm not sure where to go for support on this.

The full story....

I've X-Plane latest version (10.3 64-bit) installed on Windows 7 and working great. I recently tried XPWideClient (also latest version - and for some reason, the client keeps disconnecting. The client is also Windows 7 and I'm just running the client program - nothing trying to use it yet.

I've checked all the obvious i.e. correct IP addresses, firewall, steady LAN connection etc. but nothing seems to be amiss.

Below is an extract from the log file in case that helps.

Any ideas appreciated.

Create FS98MAIN Window OK!
Register UIPCMain Call message OK!
Connection status thread running
19:00:55:618 Waiting for UDP from server
19:00:55:618 Status INIT
19:00:55:618 granting multicast to
19:00:55:618 Status NOT_CONNECTED
19:02:00:548 Status UDP_CONNECTED
19:02:01:048 Connection to Server OK
19:02:01:048 Status UDP_TCP_CONNECTED
19:02:07:284 udpBytesPerSecond < 10 => Status DEINIT
Closing connection IP
19:02:07:284 Closing connection to server OK
19:02:07:612 UDP Bad footer batch head->Size=0 foot->Checksum=0 foot->Size=0
19:02:07:721 Status INIT
19:02:07:721 granting multicast to
19:02:07:721 Status NOT_CONNECTED
19:02:12:815 Status UDP_CONNECTED
19:02:13:330 Connection to Server OK
19:02:13:330 Status UDP_TCP_CONNECTED
19:02:19:587 udpBytesPerSecond < 10 => Status DEINIT
Closing connection IP

And it just keeps repeating.....