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Natalia Sismo
04-09-2014, 03:42 AM
NEW INJECTION PLASTIC KNOBS (http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/index.php/item/new-injection-plastic-knobs)

http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/images/stories/news/K6K7-EDC-01%20[80].png (http://www.sismo-soluciones.com/images/stories/news/K6K7-EDC-01%20[80].png)
Sismo is proud to announce the new Injection Plastic Knobs for Radio Panels and EDC Panel, ready to be used in your simulator.The available knobs are:

Knob K6 for Radio Panels (VHF, NAV, ADF, ATC) and EDC Panel, diameter 15,75mm and hole shaft 4mm
Knob K7 for Radio Panels (VHF, NAV, ADF, ATC), diameter 22mm and hole shaft 6mm
Knob K7 for EDC Panel, include sticker, diameter 22mm and hole shaft 6mm
Dual Knob K6 + K7 for Radio o for EDC

It's also available a set of knobs (8 K6 + 8 K7) to update all the radios of your pedestal. Compatible with Dual Encoder E37 (save a 20%)
Please donīt hesitate to contact us if you need further information to info@sismo-soluciones.com