View Full Version : SIOC - USBEYS and MCDU config.

03-05-2014, 07:35 PM
hello, I'm having trouble connecting MCDU client pc to server pc FMGS.
I have:
pc1 - FS, fmgs server, hardware modules, fmgs wide, sound, NAVDATA, ifdg fs9.
pc2 - widefmgs, EIS, MCDU, NAVDATA.
pc3 - widefmgs, EWD, stby, sd, behold, NAVDATA.
pc4 - windefmgs, NAVDATA, ovhd, fcu.

I have cards Sioc in Pc1 with SIOC script created by the Sioc_Creator FMGS and works.
pc2 have the MCDU with usb_keys sioc card, here's what I can not make connection to configure the keys on the MCDU with sioc_creator / MCDU.
Already tried everything and read the manuals and I can not connected.
How do I configure and connect the usb_keys pc2 with sioc_creator pc1 or else an alternative to placing the work of the MCDU fmgs.