View Full Version : Are you a pit builder in or near the Northeast US? If so would you be like a chance to show off your work at a Flight Sim conference?

02-06-2014, 06:34 PM
As can be seen on the front page news,
there's an upcoming Flight Sim Conference in Hartford Connecticut.

FLIGHT SIM CON 2014 (http://flightsimcon.com)

The event team is on the hunt for pit builders who might want to show off their work and would of course be willing to transport it to the conference location.

They are looking for a variety of pit build types from basic desktop pits all the way up to full scale 737 flight decks and will take people on a space available basis.

If you are interested let me know by replying here, or click on the conference link above and use the contact form.

Even if you aren't able to bring your sim pit I hope you'll consider attending! It's be a fantastic event at a premo aviation museum!

I'll have my 172 sim pit on display. I hope to see you and maybe even your sim pit there as well.

Tom G.

02-08-2014, 08:49 PM
I lived in CT less than a year ago. I moved to the west coast in September. Why does fate mock me like this?