11-27-2013, 07:40 AM
Runway friction in FSX... Problem identified: Unrealistic …Solution? FSPS's Frictionality

Dear Simmers, we proudly present you “Frictionality” . The application that will change FSX's friction for ever...

- Real time rolling friction manipulation for all types of FSX runways for all wheel configuration aircraft.
- Real time friction manipulation for sliding and braking friction.
- Real time friction modifiers manipulation for Wet and Snow contaminated runways.
- No additional software necessary to send friction into FSX.
- Profile saving capability that enables you to save different friction sets for any aircraft of your fleet.
- Popular Aircraft profiles are provided build-in for ease of starting up.
- Ability to load profile from another aircraft. If they are similar models there is no need to set all the way the second aircraft.
- Ability to load profile from external sources. If you find a profile shared in the internet or a friend has one ready, loading it is a matter of just some clicks.
- Test mode to check how the changes you are doing reflects to the aircraft's usage.
- Results stored in Test mode table for reference during tests.
- Auto profile loading when selecting a 'ready' & saved aircraft.
- Significantly light application using latest programming technologies resulting in zero FSX frames reduction.
- Supporting both original and 'patched' Sim1.dll files.
- 30 pages PDF manual.
- License transfer capability without need to contact Support in order to use software on as many PCs you want (only one will work at a time however).

… and more

More details at http://secure.simmar...ality-fsx.phtml (http://secure.simmarket.com/fsps-frictionality-fsx.phtml)