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04-07-2013, 06:58 AM
I have been practising landing at London City Airport and have come across an issue with the western approach.

As you may know, the glide path on both approaches to London City are quite steep to avoid the surrounding buildings. When you are coming in from the west shortly before you get to the HSBC tower, there is always a massive updraft which totally messes up the glide path I have set.

I have tried doing this with "Real World Weather", "Clear Weather" and REX Essential and always the same thing.

Have others had this happen to them? Is it something peculiar about my setup? Or does this happen in real life?

I have the Aerosoft London City X scenery, but I saw this happen before when I just had the default FSX scenery.

I have flown it in a BN2 Islander, Aerosoft Twin Otter, FSX Piper Cub and FSX Cessna 172.

Any suggestions?