View Full Version : WXGA Resolution Projectors and Simming

12-09-2012, 09:43 AM
I am considering setting up a pair of side-by-side sims in my basement, for formation flying and competitive dogfights with friends. I've been considering my display options, and I think that a projector and TrackIR will provide the best immersion per dollar (though I suppose a television could prove to be a good option as well). I've been looking at short throw projectors, and it seems that most that I find are 1200x800 (like this (http://www.projectorpeople.com/projectors/projdtls.asp?itemid=27370&itmname=Epson+PowerLite+1761W) nicely priced option). Would the linked projector be suitable for simming on? Is 1200x800 sufficient for simming? If not, are there any 1920x1080 options that aren't crazily expensive? I appreciate any advice.